Michelin star 2019 awards were revealed!

The luxurious dish called “CHICKEN OYSTER, GREEN APPLE & BUTTERFLY PEA, SEA GRAPE” was served in the opening event. The dish was created with a premium ingredient– Benja Chicken 100% Natural. The Michelin star chef selected the most appetizing part of chicken which was Chicken Oyster (there are only 2 small pieces in one chicken.) to create the most exclusive menu and was delicately served on a lid of an oyster.

We, Benja Chicken, would like to congratulate Chef Noom from Chim by Siam Wisdom on maintaining the standard of deliciousness and meticulousness in using the finest ingredients to cook which leads him to be awarded Michelin 1 Star two years in a row.

Enjoy the taste of Benja Chicken 100% Natural at https://bit.ly/2FpSsVk
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